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Etsy Road Trip: You Decide

Jun 26, 2015

by Sigourney handmade and vintage goods

For more than a decade, our global community has been connecting in delightful and meaningful ways. While it takes only two hands to count how old we are, it takes millions of hands to make Etsy what it is today.

To celebrate the sellers who help make Etsy the amazing community it is; some of our Australian Etsy Admin are embarking on a multi-stop road trip to meet our amazing Aussie sellers in person and hear your inspiring stories. We’ll be sharing the stories of some of the sellers we meet along the way via our social media channels.

But Australia is a big country and we can’t go everywhere, so we’re leaving it to you. Would you like an Etsy hosted meet-up in your part of the world?

If so, fill out the survey here and let us know where you’d like to see us! We’ll choose the most requested locations to add to our upcoming tour.

We can’t wait to meet you all soon!


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