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Etsy AU Staff: A Few of My Favourite Things

Jun 29, 2015

by Reana McCourt handmade and vintage goods

Reana is an Instagram addict, maker, travel bug, and admin for Etsy Australia, a job which she has stated as being “second only to the person who gets to name nail polish colours.” She’s currently on a mission to live more sustainably, and feel less guilty when she doesn’t. 


Deep winter always makes me wish for two things: 1) that I could wear a parka jacket without looking like the michelin man and 2) that I was somewhere warmer. So today I’m sharing a few of my favourite travel things, items curated and ready to be plucked for a winter getaway.

Not only are BagyBags pretty to look at, but they’re thoughtfully designed. This backpack has 9 pockets and triple-stitched seams, meaning it won’t burst when I (inevitably) over pack it with all of the fun stuff I find.

Here’s hoping that a gorgeous passport holder will prevent me losing my passport! Made by hand in Sydney, Luisa’s Etsy shop has many more travel ready items including roomy tote bags and sunglass cases.

AnnaCarlaBeachwear is totally my cup of (long island iced) tea: bright and fun in interesting cuts to help stay covered up without feeling like the kid forced to wear a legionnaire cap and an asymmetrical zinc smear.

I usually take more scarves than clothes when travelling. They’re an accessory, a shoulder cover, a head scarf, and according to Pinterest a handbag (although I’m yet to master it).

Like I said I really like scarves for travelling. This one is hand dyed just outside of Melbourne with natural, plant-based dyes.

I’m that person on the flight moisturising my hands and applying lip balm every 5 minutes, and what better to get you in the mood for sunshine than toasted coconut lip balm? Ooooh it even sounds like a holiday! Say it with me: toasted coconut.

You can read more about Hepzabeth and her Etsy shop Cleanse With Benefits here.

I’m an avid list writer and love the idea of a travel planner to help me to remember the important stuff. It doesn’t hurt that it also makes a killer flat lay.

You can see the rest of my list here, but I’d love to know what Etsy treats would you take?


  • SheDidItOnPurpose

    Katerina Kraenzel-Paneras from SheDidItOnPurpose said 4 years ago

    There is little excuse needed to plan a holiday! And I agree that the accessories that you take are just as important as the clothes. However, I never regret an Australian winter. It is the only time of the year that you are not bothered by the thin film (or more often than not, thick film) of sweat, flies buzzing and lethargy that comes with excessive humidity. Cool, crisp mornings, coats to work and evenings camped by the heater. Excellent!

  • ReanaLouise Admin

    Reana McCourt from WattleMilk said 4 years ago

    Katerina I think I'll have to learn to share your love of the cold :) A morning coffee definitely helps!

  • mybeardedpigeon

    Cath Young from mybeardedpigeon said 4 years ago

    excellent finds Reana!

  • purehavendesigns

    Jo Camelotti from PureHavenNaturals said 4 years ago

    Great list Reana! I must admit, wherever I go i'm never without a light wool wrap - my all time fav travel accessory.

  • AlmostNorth

    Deborah from AlmostNorth said 4 years ago

    I absolutely love scarves too. Gorgeous finds.

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