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Etsy AU Press & PR Team Bootcamp Roundup

Nov 15, 2013

by Kirsteene Phelan handmade and vintage goods

On Monday September 16th, the Etsy Au Press & PR Team launched a free online Press Bootcamp.

Taking place in the Etsy Au Press & PR Teams forums Bootcamp ran for four weeks and covered all sorts of essential PR elements. We wanted to help our Aussie sellers shine!

If you couldn’t make it to the Bootcamp don’t worry – here are some of the key takeaways from the weekly sessions.

Week 1: Crafting your About Page

Completing an eye-catching and informative About Page is the first step to getting press ready.

  • A fresh and simple photo of yourself and your shop members is really important
  • Use your about page to showcase product, photos, studio shots and examples of works in progress
  • What are you passionate about? This place is all about you – tell us who you are!

Bootcamp participants TheSpottedHook, Little Jenny Wren and Red Tree Designs all rejigged their about pages after taking the session. See how they went!

For more ideas about how to vamp up your own about page, read our article about Crafting Your About Page.

Week 2: Press Perfect Photography

Magazines can be finicky. More often than not, when the press ask for an image, they ask for the product to be clearly displayed and presented on a plain white background.

So what does a magazine need when they are interested in your product for a feature?

There are a few tech specs to take into consideration. Your images need to be 300dpi and at least 10 cm (300 pixels) wide. This is very different to the web version you’d use as your Etsy listing. Typically images straight out of your digital camera will meet these standards but make sure you double check!

After our session, Belinda Saville and Mettaville both updated the photography in their shops. See how they’re doing!

How are the visuals in your shop looking? Read our article The Difference Between High and Low Resolution Images for more tips.

Week 3: How to write the Perfect Pitch

When writing a pitch, all an editor needs initially is a short personalised email – three paragraphs at most – and a great picture of the product. Give a short intro about who you are, what the product is, what makes it interesting and which section of the blog/magazine this product would fit. Finish off with your contact details, Etsy shop link and price. Make sure to embed onto the email a low res photo (72dpi) of your product.

  • Address the pitch to a specific editor and make sure you’ve double-checked the spelling of their name. You will usually find this info on the website’s about page
  • Take some time to brainstorm a strong email headline and opening to your first paragraph

Week 4: Let’s do this

In week four we sent our Bootcamp members out into the world with their pitches and encouraged them to contact five different blogs or magazines. The discussion is still going strong in the forums – why not see how they’ve been going?

If this has gotten you in a frenzy about making your own media opportunities happen, watch our video about DIY Media & PR with Jo Walker from Frankie Magazine and Lexie Kentman for more tips.

Are you a seller wants to learn more about how to get press coverage? Why not join our newly created Australian Press & PR Team currently captained by Etsy admins. We want to help you take advantage of media opportunities that come your way!

Discuss ideas and share stories with other sellers interested in growing their Etsy business through the power of PR. We’ll be there moderating, sharing our tips on how you can get featured in the press, get involved in events like our Christmas preview, and find out about other promotional opportunities. Join us!

Image: Shine like the stars illustration by Etsy seller BillyandScarlet

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  • LaNomRahDesigns

    La NomRah from LaNomRahDesigns said 6 years ago Featured

    Thanks for sharing these tips from the bootcamp. This step by step approach makes it seem less overwhelming than we sellers often find it to be ... especially when we are doing it all on our own.


  • LaNomRahDesigns

    La NomRah from LaNomRahDesigns said 6 years ago Featured

    Thanks for sharing these tips from the bootcamp. This step by step approach makes it seem less overwhelming than we sellers often find it to be ... especially when we are doing it all on our own.

  • taliladesign

    Talila from TalilaDesign said 6 years ago

    Great ,thank you :)

  • benedettacrafty36

    benedetta crafty from benedettacraftyshop said 6 years ago

    Thanks for this lovely information. It helps.

  • DesignedByEleni

    Eleni from ChaseFate said 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for all those tips.. as a new seller every bit of information makes such a difference.

  • penelopecassidy

    Penelope from FourLittleButtons said 6 years ago

    Thanks for the tips, also being a new seller, this whole process can be very daunting.

  • MissOwlB

    Aimee Owl from MissOwlB said 6 years ago

    Thanks so much! While not really a new seller, no one I know sells on Etsy, so I am completely alone and trying to figure it all by myself! Tips like these help :) -Aimee Owl

  • rryy76

    Aplatonic Design from Aplatonic said 6 years ago

    Why not wear a t-shirt especially designed for you? we will create a unique and creative tee shirt art for you within a day or two. your satisfaction is guaranteed! In each and every project we work on, we will put the best of our abilities so that you get the top-quality for only a fraction of the cost. Try once and you will want to buy again! Thank You! enjoy.

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    Thank you very much ! Details are important ;)

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