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Our Favourite Paper Makers

May 29, 2015

by Laura Quattrocelli handmade and vintage goods

I don’t know about you, but one of the first materials I fell in love with when it came to my crafty habits was paper. Actually, not just fell in love with, became obsessed with! I got to the point where I could tell you how many pieces of paper I was holding and what GSM they were just by holding the stack between my index finger and thumb.

Besides impressing your friends with that party trick, there are many other uses for paper and in anticipation of this years Craft Party and making art with paper, we decided to celebrate some of the many seller on Etsy making a variety of products with paper.

To start with, are some self-published, small-circulation, cute and colourful Zines. There is a plethora of creative artists out there writing and piecing together these mini-magazines on a wide range of topics.

Etsy Paper Makers

1. Magic Mountain, Heart & Hand Store
2. Heart Pop Zine, Girlie Pains
3. Self Love Zine, Weissewiese
4. You Rock, Heart & Hand Store

If you’re looking for a little bit of art or something to entertain the DIY type Surfing Sloth is one of the many making Paper Dolls that you can put together yourself.
Now who doesn’t love a cat that can play keyboard?

Surfing Sloth Etsy

One of my favourite things about paper is that it can transform into so many different shapes depending on how you cut, fold or process it.

Whether the end result is a 3D 50’s toaster, a sad girl with her record collection, a cute pug or Papier-mâché Mexican skulls – you will never get bored with paper again!

Etsy Paper Makers

1. 60’s Toaster, Paper Scissors Pop
2. Sad Mona and Her Record Collection, Girlie Pains
3. Mexican Sugar Skull, The Colours of Mexico
4. Pug, Kooee Papercraft

Paper can also be printed or drawn on and turned into stickers, Gemma Flack is one sassy seller who is spreading the sticker love with her “Plants & Babes” sticker set.

Etsy Stickers

Why stop here when there’s also origami, party supplies, decor, jewellery, even fashion that can be made from paper! To see my full list of favourites, click here.

I’d also love to see some of your favourites to add to my addiction. Share them below.


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