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Easter DIY: Make an Easter Hunt Basket

Apr 11, 2014

by thecrafttrain handmade and vintage goods

Kate is a mother, crafter, graphic designer and blogger at The Craft Train. She aims to keep her craft ideas simple, achievable, inexpensive and creative – oh, and fun too!

Keep the children busy during the Easter holidays creating this cute baby chick easter basket perfect for Easter weekend egg hunts.

You will need
Free printable pdf
Metal ruler
Cutting mat
Paper knife or scissors
Blunt knife
Double sided tape
Easter eggs for hunting


Print out the free printable pdf. For best results print on heavy white stock but plain paper will also work. Cut out all the separate parts using scissors or a sharp knife, metal ruler and cutting mat. Fold along the dotted lines – hint: to get a really crisp, clean fold score the line first by running a blunt knife along it with a ruler before you fold it.


Fold the basket piece together first and stick together with double sided tape. Then attach the wings, head and handle.


Fill with your favourite small Easter eggs – yum! Or hide them and let the kids go on an egg hunt to fill it up.



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