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DIY: Winter Wooly Cap with Osha Shealey

Jul 29, 2016

by PoppyOh handmade and vintage goods

Emphasising beautiful shapes, and interesting prints, Bilboa strives to consciously create, quality handcrafted goods, with an elegant yet quirky aesthetic. 

Drawing inspiration from her nomadic upbringing, designer and creator Osha aims to instill a feeling of wonder and empowerment in all of her pieces. Honing skills learnt as a professional costume maker, she produces garments that are striking, and unique, that are still practical and comfortable to wear.

We asked Osha Shealey, maker and designer of The Bilboa Loft to share a D.I.Y. with us that will warm us up for winter – so here’s what she has put together:

“I’ve never been a beanie wearing kinda gal, having really curly hair and lots of it, so I always found it difficult to find warm winter caps that could contain it all. These little caps are super quick and easy to make, and can be adapted to any level of sewing, with both hand and machine.”

Time without decorating:


  • By hand approx. 1 hr
  • By sewing machine approx. 15 mins


What you’ll need:

Thick fabric. Wool, flannel, felt, faux fur all work, and old woolen blankets are great too.

  • Lining fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk or soft pencil
  • Pins
  • Thread & needle if hand sewing, or matching thread if using a machine
  • Embroidery thread, patches, pom poms etc for decorating.

DIY: Wooly Hat

1. Measure around your head, just above your eyebrows and around the base of your skull. Mine measured 58cm. If your fabric feels like it will stretch out quite a bit, take off 2-3cm to compensate to make sure it won’t end up too big.

This is the circumference of your head and will be the measurement of your hatband. To figure out the size of the circle for the top of your hat (crown) work backwards using the circle area formula (if high school maths didn’t quite stick makes this a breeze) to find what the diameter of your crown.

DIY: Wooly Hat

2. Mark up your fabric and lining with the chalk or pencil, with your calculated circle and hatband measurement. Make your hatband at least 9cm deep, plus extra if you’d like a turn up, and double this to line the inside of the hat. Add 1cm to each edge for seam allowance, and also to the edge of your crown. Cut these out.

DIY: Wooly Hat Embroidery

3. Apply your decoration while all the pieces are still flat, as its much easier. I went with an abstract hand embroidered pattern, but applique and patchwork work well too.

DIY: Wooly Hat

4. Join the two long sides of your hatband together. Then attach the decorated crown piece, making sure the right sides of the fabric are all against each other. If sewing by hand make your stitches as small and firm as possible.

5. Joining 2. copy

5. Now attach the lining to the other end of the hatband to create a cylinder. Make sure you leave about 10cm of the lining unattached, so the hat can be pulled through the right way up.

6. Turned through

6. Pull the hat through the opening you left in the lining. This can now be sewing up by hand with invisible stitches. Push the lining end down so it sits inside the hat. From the inside catch the two crown pieces together, so they don’t pull apart. You can make this a feature as I did with external top stitching all along the crown edge.

7. Finished

7. Fold your turn up back, and you’re ready to keep those ears toasty and warm!

DIY: Wooly Hat

DIY: Wooly Hat

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