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DIY: Spring Racing Wild Rose Headband

Sep 23, 2016

by Jennifer Tran handmade and vintage goods

Jennifer Tran aka Papetal is a flowersmith & a photographer. After graduating from UNSW Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) in 2010, Jennifer’s paper petal work has been featured by The Design Files and recommended by Design*Sponge as one of the top paper flower artists to follow. Along with these amazing achievements she is a proud member of the Etsy community and the Sydney Made team, it’s quite easy to get lost in her mesmerising paper petal creations.

In time for the Spring Racing season, if you’re still unsure of what hair piece to match to your frock – Papetal shows you how to make your own wild rose headband.


  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Florist wire, 18gauge
  • Florist tape
  • PVA glue
  • Plain headband
  • 180GSM crepe paper in gold
  • Double-sided crepe paper in pink/coral
  • Wild Rose Petal Template



* Note: Video demonstrations provided, please see footnotes.


For a fine fringe, use normal scissors instead of fringing scissors, and always cut along the grain.


Place petal/leaf in between bamboo skewer and thumb, skewer vertical with grain. Draw the skewer gently outwards and away from the body to form a natural curve[1].


Grasp the center of petal with thumbs and index fingers. Press the thumbs against paper whilst stretching outwards in opposite directions[2].


Stem wrapping with florist tape

Florist tape adheres by stretching, so stretch gently as you go. If this is your first time working with florist tape, it may be best to cut it into short strips of 15cm (9”). It is helpful to work with a wet towel, as the tape is sticky[3].


Stem wrapping with crepe paper

When cutting the paper strips, make sure you cut across the grain, and maintain a consistent height of 1-1.5cm (0.5”). Keep the length at 20cm (8”) maximum, especially if you are new to flower making. Roll the paper strip along the stem in a downwards spiral, stretching the paper gently in the process. Wrap until the stem is completely covered, then cut excess paper. Secure the end with parafilm tape.


* Note: Dimensions are in height x length, grain vertical with height.


Cut 7 pieces of 18 gauge wire at 9cm/each (3.5”). Wrap the entire length of each piece with florist tape.

DIY: Spring Racing Hair Piece


  1. Cut 1 piece of gold paper at 4cmx3cm (1.5”x1.2”), fold in half across grain then fringe the top two thirds starting from the edge of the fold.
  2. Wrap the unfringed section around one end of a stem and secure with parafilm.
  3. Repeat to make another 6 flower centres.

DIY: Spring Racing Hair Piece


  1. Cut 10-15 gold paper strips.
  2. Cut 5 petals using template. Cup each petal, then stick curl the top left and top right edges outwards.
  3. Using florist tape, attach petals evenly around the base of the flower centre.
  4. Cover the stem with gold paper strip.
  5. Bend the base of flower as shown.
  6. Repeat to make another 6 flowers.

DIY: Spring Racing Hair Piece

DIY: Spring Racing Hair Piece


  1. Using florist tape, attach the first flower onto the middle of the headband. Make sure that the flower stem is completely covered.
  2. Cover 5cm of the joint with gold paper strip, starting from under the base of the flower.
  3. Attach the second flower at 4cm away from the base of the first flower.
  4. Continue attaching the remaining flowers as shown, making sure that the headband is completely covered in gold paper. Secure the end bits with PVA glue.

DIY: Spring Racing Hair Piece

DIY: Spring Racing Hair Piece

DIY: Spring Racing Hair Piece

DIY: Spring Racing Hair Piece


I would like to thank my Instagram followers (@bellebouquets, @llauraquattro, @papercatz_paper_flower_studio, @capture1click, @krummy_, @mariagritzala, @jnettw and @sweetdazee) for suggesting the colour palette for this tutorial, as well as the different colour combinations for the headpieces.

DIY: Spring Racing Hair Piece




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