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DIY: Paper Camellia with Jennifer Tran

Jul 15, 2016

by Jennifer Tran handmade and vintage goods

Jennifer Tran aka Papetal is a flowersmith & a photographer. After graduating from UNSW Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) in 2010, Jennifer’s paper petal work has been featured by The Design Files and recommended by Design*Sponge as one of the top paper flower artists to follow. Along with these amazing achievements she is a proud member of the Etsy community and the Sydney Made team, it’s quite easy to get lost in her mesmerising paper petal creations.

At Etsy AU, we’ve become a little obsessed with Jennifer’s DIY’s made from the simplest of materials, so we’re excited to share with you another of her fun DIY’s to brighten up your winter’s day. Here’s a handy tutorial to make your very own bouquet of Camellia’s.

A – Tools & Materials

  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Bamboo skewer
  • PVA glue
  • Florist wire, 18 gauge
  • Florist tape
  • 180GSM Italian crepe paper (ivory, orange, pink & green)
  • Petal Template – download here

DIY: Papetal


B – Techniques & Tips

* Note: Video demonstrations provided, please see footnotes.


Place petal/leaf in between bamboo skewer and thumb. Draw the skewer gently outwards and away from the body to form a natural curve[1].


Grasp the center of petal with thumbs and index fingers; gently push and stretch it outwards in opposite directions[2].


For a fine fringe, use normal scissors instead of fringing scissors, and always cut along the grain.


Florist tape adheres by stretching, so stretch gently as you go. If this is your first time working with florist tape, it may be best to cut it into short strips of 15cm (9”). It is helpful to work with a wet towel, as the tape is sticky[3].

1b_DIY_ papetal_camellia

C – Assembly

* Note: Dimensions are in height x length, grain vertical with height. Use tape sparingly to maintain a thin base.


  • Cut 3 pieces of wire at 25cm/each (10”), then bunch them together using florist tape.
  • Cut 3 pieces of orange paper at 6x4cm/each (2.5×1.75”). Fringe the top 5cm (2”) of each piece, then finely cut across fringe to make confetti. Keep confetti on a small plate.
  • Cut 1 strip of ivory paper at 4x12cm (1.75×5”). Fringe the top 3cm (1.25”) then wrap around stem.
  • Put a small amount of PVA glue on a small plate. Dip the top of the fringe into the PVA then dip into confetti. Put the confetti center aside for drying.


DIY: Papetal

  • Use template A to cut 10 petals. Curl and cup each petal.
  • Using florist tape, attach 4 petals evenly around the base. This makes the first layer.
  • Attach the remaining 6 petals under the first layer and evenly around stem.

DIY: Papetal
DIY: Papetal


  • Cut 5 big leaves using template B and 1 small leaf using template C. Curl and cup all leaves.

DIY: Papetal

  • Attach the small leaf at about 1cm (0.5”) under the base of flower. Attach 2 big leaves next to the small leaf so that they are distributed evenly around stem.
  • Cut a 25cm (6”) wire stem. Attach 1 leaf on top of the wire and the second leaf at 5cm down from the first leaf. Bending the top 10cm (4”) gently to create a curve. Join the last 15cm (6”) of the branch of leaves and the main stem together using florist tape.
  • Cut a 17cm (6.75”) wire stem. Attach the last leaf on top of the wire and bend gently. Join the last 15cm (6”) of the branch of leaves and the main stem together using florist tape.

DIY: Papetal

DIY: Papetal

DIY: Papetal


  • Paper to Petal, Rebecca Thuss & Patrick Farrell
  • Handmade Flowers from Paper and Fabric, Steve and Megumi Biddle






  • jennifertran2014

    Jennifer Tran from Papetal said 4 years ago

    Hi Everyone, thank you for reading. If you have any questions, please comment below. I will reply to you as soon as I can. <3 Jennifer

  • kazzycaboodles

    Kaz from kazzycaboodles said 4 years ago

    These are absolutely divine! Many thanks to Jennifer for providing such a gorgeously detailed tutorial! I definitely think I am going to have to coat my craft room in flowers now! :) xxx

  • greysooty

    Cate from ChatterCats said 4 years ago

    Jennifer, Your flowers look divine - thank you for such a detailed tutorial, you have made it look achievable. You are a very gifted lady. Best wishes, Cate

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