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DIY: Himmeli – Get Ready for Craft Party

May 12, 2016

by unleashcreativemags

Unleash Creative is the inception of Brisbane-based marketer, crafter and blogger Magdalena Franco.  With over 13 years of experience in marketing, PR and event management, Magdalena saw an opportunity in the market to deliver creative skills to audiences around in Australia in a vibrant, energetic and colourful surrounding – it’s just like all the pretty things we pin on Pinterest come to life.

“Being both a crafter and marketer has provided me with an in-depth understanding of what is clearly lacking in the creative market. You can learn how to sew, knit or crochet somewhere locally, irrelevant of where you are. But there’s not really many places that offer those left-of-centre craft skills such as papel picado (Mexican paper cutting) or ways to reuse or repurpose things otherwise destined for garbage all in the one place, on the one day, with networking and real life socialising”, says Magdalena.

To celebrate Craft Party 2016, we asked Magdalena if she could put together a DIY that can fill your minds with inspiration (if you’re stuck for ideas) to make for your #etsycraftparty. Maybe one of these Himmeli’s is the perfect project to master with mates.

Instructions to make Himmeli #2


You will need:

  • 1 x Large Sewing Needle
  • Drinking Strawers
  • 1 x Measuring Tape or Ruler
  • 1 x Long piece of string

How to make it:

Measure and cut your straw down to 10cm long.

Do this to make 12 pieces of straws.


Using the needle and string, thread 3 pieces onto a piece of string.


Make a triangle and tie a knot in the string to keep it together.

With the long piece of string, thread another two straws on.


Repeat this with 9 more pieces all together.




Until you have something that looks like this:




Bring the ends of your Himmeli together and tie a knot.



Bring in the final piece of straw and tie off. Cut off the excess string and there you have it!




To watch the tutorial, click play on the video above which will show you an easy, medium and hard version of the Himmeli. You can also find more on Magdalena’s blog.

And for more #EtsyCraftParty inspiration you can check the Make section of our blog for D.I.Y’s a plenty!