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DIY: Floating Rope Table with Kate Gordes

May 16, 2016

by CedarandScout handmade and vintage goods

As a young scout, Kate Gordes fell in love with the art and skill of knot work and the feeling of the rope running through her hands. This love of rope as a child inspired her to push the boundaries of knot work, creating a new crafting adventure named ‘Scout Gathers’. Scout Gathers‘ modern macrame pieces, sold through her Etsy shop, are versatile and modern and made using cotton rope from NSW.

We asked Kate to create a DIY for our creative crafters out there who might want a little inspiration for your upcoming #etsycraftparty. So here’s a tutorial that will impress your friends – How to make a Floating Rope Table.

Tools & Materials

  • Scissors
  • Circular Wooden Chopping Board
  • Fabric Dye for Natural Fabrics
  • Plastic Bucket
  • 2 x 4 metre   length – 8mm Cotton Rope ( found in any DIY store)
  • 1 x 1 metre   length – 8mm Cotton Rope ( found in any DIY store)
  • Natural Coloured Yarn

Scout Gathers - DIY

Getting started

Scout Gathers - DIY

  • Gather the two pieces of 4 metre rope and halve them to make a loop.
  • Cut 1 metre of your yarn.
  • Form a loose loop with your yarn over the top of your looped rope; the longest length being on the right hand side. Wind the yarn from the right clockwise and upwards.
  • When you have wound the yarn to the top (or run out of length!), poke the end through the loop.
  • Pull the bottom yarn end until the loop has been pulled down about half way into the noose. To tighten, pull on both loose ends at the same time.


Creating the bottom of the floating shelf.


The Tassel


  • Measure 1.5 down the rope and create another noose knot. This will form the base of your floating shelf.

Scout Gathers - DIY

  • Cut your rope 15cm from the bottom of your noose knot. This will become the tassel.
  • Start to fray the end of the cotton rope to create your gorgeous tassel.

The Base

Scout Gathers - DIY

  • Spread the 4 pieces of rope out and place the wooden chopping board over your tassel.

Scout Gathers - DIY

  • Gather the 1 metre of (8mm) spare rope and place it around the chopping board.
  • Cut 4 small lengths from the yarn.
  • Tie each piece of yarn with a tight double knot to the 1 metre rope and the 4 pieces of rope that have been spread out.
  • Fray the ends of the 1 metre rope to finish it off .(This rope is to secure the pom poms)

The pom poms

Scout Gathers - DIY

  • Wrap the yarn around the fork approximately 50 times. Cut the yarn from the ball.
  • Thread a piece of yarn through the middle of the fork and tie a tight double knot.
  • Slide the yarn from the fork and cut the looped yarn on either side.
  • Create 3 more pom poms.
  • Secure the 4 pom poms to the 1 metre rope around the chopping board.

Dip-dying the tassel

Scout Gathers - DIY

  • Using a glass bowl or container mix up your yellow dye according to the instructions on the packet. Make sure you wear gloves and wear clothing that you don’t mind getting splashes of dye on.
  • Sit the tassel half way into the dye. The dye will start to creep up the tassel.
  • Let it sit in the dye for a half an hour.
  • Rinse it out with hot water, until the water runs clear.
  • Lay flat to dry.

Scout Gathers - DIY

Scout Gathers - DIY

Scout Gathers - DIY

Photo credits: Kate Gordes, Scout Gathers

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