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DIY: Hand Embroidered Shoes with Liz Payne

Jun 13, 2016

by flirtingwithyellow handmade and vintage goods

Liz Payne is an embroidery artist who works from her home studio in Sydney, which she shares with her husband and dog. Liz’s work relishes in the handmade and she aims to create unique pieces where no two are ever the same. Liz has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco, and been a finalist in the Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award (2015), Cambridge Street Studio Gallery’s ‘Who is Looking at You?’ Portrait Prize (2015) and the NSW Emerging Artist Award (2014).

It’s just about #EtsyCraftParty time so we called upon Liz to put her super embroidery powers to use and teach us all how to fancy up a pair of otherwise not-so-fancy kicks. If this DIY is your jam, why not put it on the list for a Craft Party with a bunch of friends?

You will need approx 2 hours



  • • A pair of canvas sneakers
  • • Embroidery needle
  • • Scissors
  • • Your choice of wool & thread

DIY: Embroidery Shoes


1. Unlace your sneakers & tuck the tongue under down into the shoe (so you don’t accidentally stitch through it!)

2. Thread your cotton onto the needle and then tie a knot at the bottom of it, this will anchor your thread. Starting from inside the shoe, insert your needle into the canvas – this will be our first stitch!


3. Begin by stitching a simple triangle pulling the thread in and out of the canvas. When finished tie it off at the back so your stitches will stay firmly in place.

DIY Embroidered Shoes

4. Continue to create shapes and patterns with the thread, changing your colours and thread as you progress down the shoe.

DIY Embroidered Shoe

5. Why knot try some French knots? To begin, insert the needle through the inside of the shoe again. Keep the thread tight and wind the thread 3 or 4 times around the needle (depending on the thickness of your thread, I’ve used 4 here). Keep the tension tight on the thread in your left hand while you then re-insert the needle just next to you where you initially started the stitch. Still holding onto the thread with your left hand pull the needle all the way through from the inside of the shoe! You’ve made a French knot! Now keep adding more!

DIY Embroidered Shoes

DIY Embroidered Shoes

DIY Embroidered Shoes

6. Continue to add more stitches until you get to the end of the shoe – there are no rules!

DIY Embroidered Shoes

DIY Embroidered Shoes








DIY Embroidered Shoes

DIY Embroidered Shoes

DIY Embroidered Shoes

DIY Embroidered Shoes

7. When you get to the end, turn the shoe over and start again – keep the design the same or change it up entirely! Don’t be too worried if they don’t match perfectly.

DIY Embroidered Shoes


8. Got one shoe finished? Woohoo! Now to do the next shoe! When both shoes are finished, thread the laces back through and you’re now ready to wear your own one of a kind hand embroidered shoes!

Hand Embroidered Shoes

Feeling inspired?! We sure are! For more ideas on activities you can do for your #EtsyCraftParty or even just a rainy day, visit the Make section on our blog!



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