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DIY: Business Card Template with Rin Dawson

May 23, 2016

by paperedthoughts handmade and vintage goods

Rin Dawson is a “Creative daydreamer who seeks connections with strangers through letters, colour and kindness..” Rin is also the creative mind behind bright label Papered Thoughts, based in Sydney Australia, Rin spreads kindness while cultivating a good vibe factory that is Papered Thoughts. Take one look at her Etsy Shop and you will see what we mean. 

Standing out in a sea of brilliant business cards is tricky, gold foil, letterpress, luxe paper, it’s enough to make this small business owner fall head over heels. But standing out is paramount to getting your brand and products out there..

So how to combat the ever innovative business card market (without spending your life savings?) Confetti of course! These simple DIY confetti filled business cards are sure to make people stop & stare & they’ll make your customers day that little bit brighter!

What you’ll need to make 35 business cards

  • This Business Card Template (or your own printable Business Cards)
  • A Printer
  • 10 Sheets of Tracing Paper
  • Different coloured Tissue Paper
  • A Sewing Machine & Black Thread
  • Scissors
  • Bulldog clip or stapler




Step One: Download the template & Edit in Photoshop (or any other editing program).

Add your Details, Logo etc. to the front side, and a quote or message to the back. Try not to fiddle with the border too much as the back & front need to match up! Alternatively you can use your own template/design, just make sure the borders are the same size!

Print Size: When Printing the Business cards I edited the size in MS word to 11cm x 5.4cm and was able to fit 7 cards per page.

Step Two: Print your cards onto the tracing paper & roughly cut out. Important! Make sure you leave enough paper around the border – don’t cut to close (we’ll trim them later)



Step Three: Confetti Time! Simply cut a small section of your tissue paper and fringe it (approximately 50mm wide), next cut the fringe into small squares. Do this for each colour you want to include in your confetti. Tip: Give the confetti a shake in a zip lock bag to separate the pieces.


Step Four: Match up the front & back of your Business cards ensuring the back of the design is facing outwards.


Step Five: Use the bulldog clip (or staple) to hold the front and back in place. Use the sewing machine to sew along the black outline of three sides. Important! Leave one short side open for filling with confetti!

Tip: Keep the needle in the down position (using the button on your machine) it makes it easier to sew around the corners.



Step Six: The fun part! Stuff those pretty little business cards full of your colourful confetti! Squeeze the card to make a small opening and put as much or as little confetti in as you’d like.


Step Seven: Sew up the open end of your business cards and trim the excess paper and thread off the cards.


Now go, Keep creating amazing things & Keep standing out!



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