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Discover Etsy Made Local this Christmas!

Oct 30, 2015

by Sigourney handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Made Local is a worldwide event that lands on Australian shores on November 28. On this day, all  across our beautiful country, Etsy teams will host markets and events to showcase the best of their local community. We took the time to ask some of our hosts why they were getting involved in Etsy Made Local, and what it means for their community – read on to hear what they had to say.

Etsy Made Local


Hosted by: Etsy Adelaide

“We’re hosting an Etsy Made Local event in our community because we love art, we love the skill that goes into the crafts people make and we love the passion that goes into all the things on Etsy.”

“The City of Unley is a beautiful place and full of activity. We want to further activate the area to help make it the place to be for creative and interesting things.”



Hosted by: Melbourne Etsy Team

“The reason why the team and I are excited about hosting an Etsy Made Local market in our community is the idea of bringing passionate creatives together to showcase what they love to do, and where better to do that in our backyard called Melbourne. Melbourne is a melting pot of hidden talented Etsy sellers and it’s our mission to shine a spotlight on their wonderful products.”



Hosted by: Australian Events, Australian WandarrahBrisStyle, Makers And Designers Australia, Etsy Parents Australia and New Zealand

“We hope to create an event that is inclusive to all QLD based Etsy sellers. It will include those that have never sold at a market event before and those that are regular marketeers.”

“We hope that by having onsite workshops and demonstrations we will educate the customers that come to our event the value of handmade and get them excited about the talent and products available locally here in Brisbane.”

Etsy Made Local


Hosted by: Canetsy

“Etsy Made Local brings the Canetsy Team Community and the local Community in the Canberra district together in one awesome event. It allows the community to ‘meet the maker’, see and touch what they make or sell and buy a uniquely handmade item that is made with love. For the Sellers, it allows them to showcase to the community their items and enjoy meeting their customers, receive feedback and see their items get sold to someone who enjoys buying directly from the maker.”



Hosted by: Western Australian Street Team

“The people of Western Australia are having a total love affair with the handmade movement, and rightfully so… Every day we meet new, talented people making amazing things and in hosting this event we have the capacity to make sure that our community and the world at large sees and discovers them and their work. Since last year’s event there’s been a tangible increase in Perth’s knowledge of and enthusiasm about Etsy. We think that bringing the community face-to-face with our amazing team members and reminding them that this talent exists locally is a wonderful way to ensure that Perth’s love of all things handmade continues to flourish.”



Hosted by: Sydney Made

“This year we’ll be hosting our Sydney Etsy Made Local markets at the Seymour Centre and they are going to be fan-flipping-tastic! The market is going to be an extravaganza of delicious food trucks, entertainment, workshops and, of course, some of the finest Etsy makers and designers in Sydney.”

“For Sydneysiders it’s an opportunity to have a connection with Sydney makers – to meet the person and the passion behind an item.”

“We do all of this because we truly believe in the value of handmade, locally produced work by people who are passionate about their products.”


Sound like your kind of jam? You can head here to get all the latest info for your local market. Can’t wait to see you there!



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