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Decorating your Little One’s Space

Mar 30, 2016

by ekelleher handmade and vintage goods

Styling your children’s space, whether it’s a nursery or play area, is an exciting project.  Allowing you to inject a sense of your personality within whilst creating a fun, playful yet calming environment for your little ones.

The right décor and items can bring your children’s space to life so to get you started we’ve curated Etsy to bring you some of our favourite finds from Australian and New Zealand sellers.

A few tips to remember whilst decorating is to include items that can be transformed as your baby grows, that won’t be outgrown too quickly and include pieces that are interactive and relevant to their development needs and interests.

Include moveable and removable items, like small tables, a rug or – one of my favourites – a teepee to encourage imaginary play.

Above all, have fun with the space – be creative and play with colour, texture and function.  Why don’t you make it a project that you and your child can do together, if they are old enough…

Be creative with wall art and consider items outside of traditional artwork.

We’ve seen personalisation be a favourite when setting up your new baby’s space.  Allowing for a special keepsake for your little one, these personalised items can be doubled as key learning tools for a toddler learning their name or birthdate.

I just love the variety of art on offer at Etsy.  Working with the local sellers to customise with prints and colours will add a unique and playful touch.

Adding texture and colour through interiors is a way to include your personal style too.

Wall decals are not only cost effective and easily removable allowing you for quick simple updates to your children’s room as they grow.

Sweet dreams?  Be creative with your child’s night light.

To discover more unique items for your children’s space, you can shop from our Editors Picks page here

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