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City to outback: Australian seller road trip

Jan 21, 2016

by Anna Hickey handmade and vintage goods

Header photo: Burt Bush bed cover by Grace Wood Design

Calling Etsy Australia maker community, we are excited to announce a special road trip and we want you to be a part of it. Over March and April we will be partnering with five leading photographers and Instagram stars who will travel to selected locations around Australia in order to capture unique stories from our community.

Would you like to be one of the five makers featured? This would require you to welcome an Etsy admin and Instagram star into your town, home and studio over one day. It will be a fun day where we visually capture your unique story which will be shared across social and traditional media.

If this is of interest to you please take 5 – 10 minutes to complete the application here (by Friday 29 January). Applicants will be informed by mid February if they have been chosen.

What we are looking for:

  • To hear about your story and the town/city/region where you live
  • An interesting, unique studio space
  • Design originality
  • Excellence in craftsmanship

Yet to open your Etsy shop? New sellers are immediately eligible to enter and Etsy will provide 20 free listings to open a shop, simply click here and enter the promo code: CitytoOutback



  • meganamato93

    Megan Mills from theMakingMill said 4 years ago

    wow this sounds like an awesome opportunity!! too bad I'm not from Australia though... Have fun!! :)

  • sagebespoke

    Adela Sivewright from sagebespoke said 4 years ago

    Lovely to hear you're coming to Australia. Hope we hear about some interesting places and people.

  • philliplh

    Phillip and Majella from ExquisiteGem said 4 years ago

    Hoping they come to visit us in beautiful North Queensland - we've got some cool tools to show off, as well as the chance to go fishing and crabbing!

  • wildwoodencreations

    Sandra and Mike Berwick from WiLDwoodencreations said 4 years ago

    Why not come to Beautiful Burnie in Tasmania's North West?

  • andreamdaniels1

    Andrea Daniels from TiesThatBlind said 4 years ago

    Glad you are putting Australia 'on the map'. It's not usually part of our culture to 'skite'. So you may need to look around a bit yourselves for great makers or ask another Australian Etsyite to 'dob' someone in. I am really looking forward to seeing who turns up.

  • ahickey2 Admin

    Anna Hickey said 4 years ago

    Sandra and Mike, Burnie sounds like a great idea! Please feel free to complete the submission. Andrea, if you have any suggestions let us know :)

  • AlphaCarina

    Heart R from TheQuirkyBriars said 4 years ago

    Unfortunately, my "interesting, unique studio space" is far from ready for showing off. :-( Oh well, good luck to all applicants...may the most deserving/inspiring win. :-)

  • madebylizz

    madebylizz from thecherrydress said 4 years ago

    Would love to if I was ready :(

  • mbpblue

    Melinda Blair Paterson from mbpblue said 4 years ago

    Hi I just completed the submission and got all the way to the end and unfortunately it would not upload any images from my iPad. Is the another way I can send you the images to go with my submission. Thanks Melinda

  • ahickey2 Admin

    Anna Hickey said 4 years ago

    Hi Melinda! You can email your pictures to Please mark your email to the attention of Anna. Can't wait to hear more about you and your town!

  • evieandessie

    Suki and Sarah . from EvieandEssie said 4 years ago

    What time is this due today, please? Kiddies and babies limiting computer time :)

  • rareri

    Raquel Trejo from MargariteandRosa said 4 years ago

    I'm so excited about this opportunity, I've just completed the questionnaire and now fingers cross! Thank you so much for this opportunity, sound amazing.

  • ahickey2 Admin

    Anna Hickey said 4 years ago

    Hi Suki, sorry I have just seen your message. Please feel free to submit your application today! Anna

  • clairechapman4

    Claire Chapman from SmallWorldDreams said 4 years ago

    Sorry, I just saw this :(.... would have been awesome to put Mackay on the roadmap.

  • frogs181

    Jacqualine Watchman from TwinkleLittleTots said 4 years ago

    How wonderful that you are coming to Australia. I have only just read the blog. I live in Shearwater Tasmania and hope next road trip that I will see your blog earlier and can apply.

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