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Top Tips to Get More Boho in the Home

Feb 15, 2016

by Laura Quattrocelli handmade and vintage goods

Bohemians have a very specific sense of style, they are the laid-back, fun loving and free-spirited world wonderer. It really sounds like a great way to be. We’ve found 10 ways to add a little more boho to your home to get that chilled vibe.

First things first, add a little driftwood and bring the organic feel from outside in. Driftwood can be used in a lot of different ways, wall hangings, table decor or just talking pieces for the room. If you’re no good at keeping plants in the home alive, driftwood could be a good alternative for you.

Next are my favourites, cushions! A quick sure-fire way to add a little boho is to throw some textured, hand-dyed, mix and match pillows all over the house! On lounges, beds, chairs and even floors. The more the better.

In every Bohemian abode you are sure to find a lot of greenery – that’s plants from floor to ceiling, and macrame! So why not mix the two together and show off your green in macrame plant hangers:

Nothing says boho like some fairy lights or things that hang, whether they are inside or out:

Finally, we couldn’t share our top tips for adding a little boho to your home without adding a dreamcatcher to the mix.

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