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Be inspired by Kristy Tull from Fox and Ramona

Jul 9, 2016

by Sigourney handmade and vintage goods


Etsy seller Kristy Tull had always had a strong interest in design and a passion for interiors. She was able to follow these interests full time when she quit her day job and pursued her creative business full time. Setting up her Etsy shop,  was initially daunting, but as the sales racked up, so did Kristy’s confidence, “It’s a great feeling to run your own show, but it’s also scary,” she explains.

“When you’re putting something out there it says, ‘I made this. I hope you like it’. It’s a great feeling when people buy your stuff, that’s awesome – it’s the best compliment.”


Kristy hard at work in the studio.

Kristy’s store Fox & Ramona opened in 2011 and was easier than the Melbourne artist could have expected.

“It really is so easy and it’s such a user friendly platform to sell from,” she says.

“You’ll need a couple hours to set up the basics and get a feel for it, but after that uploading new products or editing them is so easy, you can even do it on the Etsy Sellers app on your phone.”


Mixing concrete

Kristy works while daughter Pia, three, is at kindergarten as well as nights and one day a weekend. She estimates working 50 hours each week, but says she couldn’t do it without the support of husband Jonathan.

“We share all the home stuff and the kid stuff, so it’s a good balance,” she says. “Jonathan’s been a godsend and I had his full support when I decided to quit my day job. He was all for it.”


The flexibility of being able to scale her working hours up or down, as she did during treatment for breast cancer three years ago, has continued to be one of Kristy’s favourite things about being an Etsy seller.

“I can’t imagine working for someone else again. The thought of going back to a real job is a bit frightening.”

Kristy shares her five tips for getting started on Etsy:


Concrete pieces ready to go


1. Take it slow

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by what seems like the massive task of opening your stop. Take things one step at a time. Maybe one day open your shop and have a play around for a couple of hours, then the next day fill in your about page. The day after upload one product and then upload two every day after that for a week and your store will be ready.


2. Your About page is important. 

It’s important to have a good About page because people want to know who you are. I love going to websites or other Etsy stores and reading about the person, knowing their background and how they got started.


3. Invest in good photos.

Photography is key to sales because a good photo will sell your product. If your product looks professional, people will take you seriously.


4. Be brand confident.

Be clear on your brand and confident in your products. Know who you are, know what your brand is and that will come across to potential customers. Know what you’re selling and be confident.


5. Take the jump.

Etsy has been great for me, so I say take the step and do it. Life’s too short to keep thinking you should really set up that store. The next thing it’s 2018 and you’ve still got these gorgeous little products sitting there. Get them out there into the world.

Ready to start your creative business? Learn more about selling on Etsy here.

*All images by Breeana Dunbar

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