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From Boring Bathroom to a Personal Spa Retreat

Feb 4, 2016

by Laura Quattrocelli handmade and vintage goods

Header image: Who The Dickens – Bath Caddy

If you’ve ever heard others talking about how they had a nice long, relaxing soak in the tub at home, and thought, “Gee I wish I could do that, but my bathroom is boring”. Then this shopping guide is for you!
I’ve found a selection of luxurious bathroom goodies to transform your bathroom into a spa retreat, even if you’re in a house without a bathtub, you can still make some updates that will make you never want to leave. Or at least impress guests when they visit. Plus, they won’t break your bank account!

Firstly, set the mood – the scent in your bathroom will change it from the feeling of walking into a cold cleaning room to an aromatic escape with luxurious candles like the following:

Revitalise the senses with Sweet Pea and Jasmine from Black Arrow Candles.

Or the Soap Club of Melbourne have this new little beauty to help you breathe easy:

Once the water is running, you’d better get the soap out, there are a lot of beautiful collections of soap on Etsy and depending on the scents you like, depends on what you buy. It’s hard to choose just a few or even just one, so these are some of my favourites that I’ll be lathering up with:

Exfoliation is an important part of the luxe spa experience, so I’ll be using this Wild Raven detox body scrub to start with:

Then some lush vegan soaps from Seventh Tree Soaps:

And because I am greedy, these Essentially Perfect Soaps are also on the list:

Oh and you’re going to need a luxe soap dish and face washer to go with your soaps of course, luckily Thou Art Lovely have what I am looking for:

Once you’re done, hop out and feel good with a whipped velvet body crème:

And finally, to finish of the spa experience, wrap yourself in some beautiful linen and lounge about the house with that feeling like you just finished a hot sweaty yoga session.

To discover more little luxuries to make your bathroom go from boring to beaming, shop via our Editor’s Picks pages for the latest trends.


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