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Dec 22, 2014

by Kirsteene Phelan handmade and vintage goods

Christmas time is here and the team at Etsy AU have put together a selection of their favourite Etsy finds for the year. Have a look below and follow the links to see what we have selected as this year’s must haves; from homewares and jewellery to cat paraphernalia and custom spoons, we’ve found something for everyone on Etsy.

Anna’s Etsy Gift Guide:

Anna's Gift Guide

1. Taba Moon Man, by MIMA Workshop
2. Copper Mug, by Anatolian Gift
3. Concrete Bowl, by Zin and Bert
4. Wooden Trinket Box, by Elle One Nine

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Caitlin’s Etsy Gift Guide:

Caitlin' s Etsy Gift Guide

1. Romantic Cosy Socks, by Krassy’s Knittings
2. Leather Eyewear Case, by Crow SLC
3. Gold Chevron Ring, by Kates Bee Charmed
4. Red Stripe Canvas Tote, by BagyBags

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Laura’s Etsy Gift Guide:

Laura' s Etsy Gift Guide

1. Midnight Ink Tea Towel, by Squeak Design
2. Admiral’s Tray, by Katy Skeleton
3. Cat Washi Tape, by Swanston Street Supplies
4. Dinnerware Set, by Back Bay Pottery

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Dana’s Etsy Gift Guide:

Dana' s Etsy Gift Guide

1. Yay Kids Sweater, by Paul and Paula
2. Pop Watch, by Tenky Watches
3. Industrial Copper Rope Choker, by Two Sourced
4. Opaque Dot Socks, by OK OK Tights

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Helen’s Etsy Gift Guide:

Helen' s Etsy Gift Guide

1. Orange Nylon Necklace, by Tashta Shop
2. Double Leaf Dangle Earrings, by Shabana
3. Glitter Eye Brooch, by Luna on the Moon
4. All I Want for Christmas Is You Spoon, by House of Bec

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Courtney’s Etsy Gift Guide:

Courtney' s Etsy Gift Guide

1. Librarian Necklace, by Cat Rabbit Plush
2. The Bunsen Oil Burner, by BORR Store
3. All Seeing Eye Cushion, by MinPin Shop
4. Beauty School Dropout Pennant, by Kirbee Art

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  • MountainClay

    Yvette De Lacy from MountainClay said 5 years ago

    Lovely finds, but it would have been nicer to have all Australian New Zealand Etsy stores...

  • julietmatthews

    Juliet Matthews from FabulousLittleGifts said 5 years ago

    I am in England and I love reading about what you creatives are up to in your Australian and NZ Etsy stores - you guys have a lot of creative and inspiring stories. Plus I have sent my first order for a handmade notebook (similar to this one to someone in Australia - so nice to know my handmade work is loved on the other side of the world.

  • roshanarose

    Carolyn from GlassLightly said 5 years ago

    Very beautiful items - but I am 100% with Yvette. All Australian and the Land of the Long White Cloud shops should be featured.

  • carmenhuiillos

    Carmen Hui from DrawnByCarmen said 5 years ago

    What a cute selection! I want them all!!!

  • Istitch28

    Edna from AddaSplashofColour said 5 years ago

    I am with Yvette. All Australian shops should be featured.

  • reenief8

    Bethany Farrell said 5 years ago

    Where do I find the face plates that are featured in the photo at the start?

  • sheridanmichael

    Michael Sheridan said 5 years ago

    I too am looking for those face plates?! Anyone know whose they are :)

  • earlybirdcreations

    Kylie from earlybirdcreations said 5 years ago

    Thank you Dana, for featuring all Australian sellers :) All the finds are lovely but it is heartening to see featured goods from our region.

  • tigstogs

    Meg from TigsTogs said 5 years ago

    Found a few interesting shops I hadn't heard of before. I will check them out later!

  • merilin1

    Merilin said 5 years ago

    The face plates are made by Etsy shop Polinko. See I found it by using Google image search. So handy!

  • maplemist

    maplemist from maplemist said 5 years ago

    Lovely diverse collection, thank you - great to explore. Agree with Yvette though that we need more support for AU+NZ items in these gift guides.

  • artdecadence

    Chrisy McConnell from ARTDECADENCE said 5 years ago

    Oh, was quite excited to see some sellers I may not have seen before. Am bit of an art deco fan so clicked on tray before anything else...oh dear, this seller is not only not in Australia, they don't even ship outside the US! I did enjoy seeing all the Australia products (except for seller whose products can be purchased on another site for 9 times cheaper than on etsy...ooooh wah!).

  • artdecadence

    Chrisy McConnell from ARTDECADENCE said 5 years ago

    There's some fabulous Australian n New Zealand stores featured here... Have a'll be pleased you did.

  • ingedewi

    Inge Dewi from WireJewelryTutorial said 5 years ago

    Thank you Christine. I was just moved to Australia and wondering is there many Etsy sellers in here and what did they sell. Your link helped a lot.

  • martin1206

    Martin Lam from martin1206 said 5 years ago

    So beautiful items!

  • superveshmashina

    Monika from MozakNaPasiCeramics said 5 years ago

    great items

  • artisthink

    Artisthink from ArtisThink said 5 years ago

    All great! *-*

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