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An Etsy Hotel Takeover – Etsy at The Cullen

Apr 10, 2015

by Dana Nikanpour handmade and vintage goods

We got ourselves a hotel room and made it very Etsy! Etsy at The Cullen is the result of our collaboration between Melbourne-based hotel The Cullen, top Melbourne-based creative team Marsha Golemac and Brooke Holm and almost thirty of Etsy’s makers, finders and designers.

Brooke and Marsha hand-picked over 50 products from Etsy’s community to create a ‘home away from home’ experience in a hotel suite at The Cullen while botanical designers Loose Leaf supplied the plant life within the space.

You can check out some of our fresh images capturing the beautiful interior created for the event below. The transformation really showcases Etsy’s offering of unique products for use in everyday living situations with the very big pro of being lovingly designed and crafted by real people.




Marsha Golemac and Brooke Holm

Get the look here:


Living and Study


Marsha Golemac and Brooke Holm

Get the look here:


Outdoor Living


Marsha Golemac and Brooke Holm

Get the look here.


Over the next three weeks, lucky people who have secured a booking will be able to live the Etsy life at The Cullen. Keep your eyes on #etsyatthecullen to live the experience from right where you are.

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