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The Importance of Progress in Achieving Our Goals

Mar 7, 2017

by Adam Jelic handmade and vintage goods
Image above by Bianca Zussino

It’s been known that improvements in well-being, happiness and satisfaction can come from making progress towards our goals each day. When we track the steps we take we can begin to notice how much we’re actually getting done which can be a powerful motivator.

Progress = Happiness

While material possessions may bring temporary moments of joy, knowing that you’re constantly developing your skills, growing and learning new things will deliver life-long fulfilment. As you start tracking your progress you’ll notice little wins, this will help to build momentum. As soon as you start building momentum you’ll realise that your goals are achievable and will feel a sense of purpose, power and direction.

Taking Action

When we are productive, we efficiently finish various tasks we set out to do and achieve better results. Avoid falling into the trap of doing unimportant duties by asking yourself the question before each day: What are the things I need to do to better myself and make real progress towards my goals?

Photo by Melissa Marshall

You can start doing this by:

Conducting a self-analysis

Start off by mapping out your strengths and your weaknesses. Use your strengths to your advantage to figure out how you can apply them to the goals you’re working on.

Whilst at the same time paying attention on the areas that need improvement by setting aside the time to figure out what skills you need to obtain or areas you need to learn more about.

Writing a to-do list

Writing lists helps you break down goals into actionable tasks that have to get done. Once you’ve done this, prioritise what needs your attention and to that first.

Reflect everyday

This involves checking back on what you set out to do when you were writing your list. What tasks did you manage to complete? What took up too much of your time?

Whatever didn’t get done for the day, put it on your list for the following day.

If you consistently repeat this process you’ll notice the difference in your results and will get closer each day to achieving your goals.


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