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A Quick Start Guide To Opening Your Etsy Shop

Oct 1, 2016

by Sigourney handmade and vintage goods

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Etsy is the creative marketplace that connects you with 27 million customers and 1.7 million small business owners in Australia and around the world. Whether you’re looking to add another sales channel for your online business, or dip your toe into the world of online commerce, opening your Etsy shop couldn’t be easier. We’ve rounded up the top 5 tips to help you make a solid start on Etsy.

1.Get Prepped
You’ve got your business name, your inventory is ready to go and you’ve carefully crafted your item descriptions, not to mention probably battled it out with Australia Post once or twice. You won’t need anything too fancy for setting up your Etsy shop, but it’s a good idea to have all the important details at hand so you can whiz through your set up process and get down to the nitty gritty.

What you’ll need:
Etsy Shop Name: You’ve already got a business name, so this one should be easy, but if you need any tips you can find them here. Remember you can change your shop name later if need be.

High quality photography of your items: You can have up to five images per listing, and we recommend you use all five slots. Including images of your items in a styled lifestyle shot can help your customers visualise your items in their own homes. 

Item Description: If you’ve sold online before, you might have these ready to go. If not, or if you’d like to give your descriptions a makeover, this article has five top tips for perfecting item descriptions. 

Get SEO Friendly: There are three parts of your listing that will really help you get found both in Etsy’s search and by external search engines like Google; tags, titles & your item description. Best practice means using keywords that will appeal to both a potential customer and the search algorithms. This article can help you brush up on your SEO skills.

Banking Information: We couldn’t forget the most important bit; getting paid! You can read all about Etsy’s payment platforms here. 


2.Spread The Word

Woohoo! You’ve opened shop, so now is the time to shout it from your virtual rooftop. Opening an Etsy shop means tapping into a robust community of shoppers, sellers and fans of all things handmade and vintage, sharing news of your open shop makes it easy for people who are already shopping on Etsy to add your items to their cart. Pro tip: your unique URL can be elegantly written as


3. Watch Those Stats

Etsy’s Shop Manager centralises all of your Etsy selling tools into one hub. It displays your open orders, recent activity, additional sales channels (like Pattern and Etsy Studio), and your recent conversations with quick reply functionality all in one place. We’ll even alert you if something needs your urgent attention, or allow you to search the contents of your shop, listings, orders, and convos all at once. It’s the need-to-know info tailored to your business.

Shop Manager also presents your shop stats, giving you information on traffic sources, top keywords, and your most popular listings to help inform your marketing approach and allow you to optimise and improve your shop. For more information on how to use stats, you can read more here.


4. Get Chatting
Being on Etsy means being connected to 1.7 million sellers – your peers who have been there, done that. From help with an Etsy specific issue, to a small business query, to moral support, the Etsy community is ready and willing to help you out! There are a few ways you can connect:

Join A Team: Teams are dedicated groups of engaged Etsy sellers coming together over a common theme, such as location, craft, or technical help. Explore the areas that interest you to see who you’ll find.  

Forums: The forums are a big place, and a great place to get a wide range of opinions. With dedicated boards for questions, discussions or general chit chat, you’re bound to find someone to help with your query.

Etsy Success Au,NZ: This is a dedicated channel sharing advice, inspiration, and opportunities, and actionable advice and announcements specific to the Australian and New Zealand community.

5. Get Promoting

Looking for a little more? Etsy has two options allowing you to pay to promote your products.

Promoted Listings: this option gets your items in front of interested shoppers more frequently on Etsy. When you promote your listings, they’re eligible to appear in designated spaces within search results on and in the Etsy app. Read more here

Google Shopping Ads: this option allows you target shoppers at key moments when they are searching for items on Google, while running the campaign right from your Etsy account. Read more here


Of course, there’s always more to know. Etsy’s Seller Handbook is a wealth of advice and inspiration if there’s a specific area of your Etsy shop you’re looking for expertise on. The Etsy Success Au,NZ Facebook page is another great way to stay in the loop on all things Etsy, both locally and globally.

As an extra bonus, we’ve got some free listing credits to help you get your Etsy shop stocked! Simply head to and use the code SQUARExETSY to claim your 20 free credits and start reaching 27 million new customers.

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