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A Day in the Life of: Liz Payne from Flirting With Yellow

Dec 11, 2015

by Laura Quattrocelli handmade and vintage goods

Liz is the maker and creator behind the super colourful and imaginative fun that is Flirting With Yellow. Liz works from her sunny home studio in the inner suburbs of Sydney, mixing her busy schedule with making, planning and entertaining Buster (see below). Flirting With Yellow was also the winner of our Etsy Design Award for Art, Illustration and Papergoods category. Her work is detailed, intricate and involves many hours of hard work to create the perfect piece. We hope you enjoy e-meeting Liz as much as we did enjoy meeting her in real life.

Tell us about what a typical day in your life is like?

6:00 -7:00am    Wake up! I never set an alarm but I’m always up early.

7:30am    Breakfast while I’m checking emails and Instagram and writing lists of things I need to get done that day. I always write down way more than what’s actually achievable!

8:00 – 11:30am    Doing work on the computer while doing some stitching waiting for it to load. Most days vary but it could consist of designing new works, painting, updating my Etsy shop, putting together orders, taking photos of works.


A piece Liz is currently working on

Stacks of colour in Liz’s studio

11:30am    Take my dog Buster out for a big walk – there’s heaps of great parks nearby and it’s good for me to get out and clear my head too.

12:30pm    Back home for lunch (my favourite thing lately is a homemade sushi salad bowl, always with heaps of avocado!) while I’m back on the computer, emailing, sourcing materials, designing etc, and trying to get some stitching done at the same time.

4:00pm    My husband comes home and we’ll take Buster out for a little walk together, stopping by the post office if there’s orders to post out.


Buster waiting for a treat


Colour exploding sneakers

6:00pm  Start making dinner. I love to cook, and make dinner most nights.

7:30pm Sit down on the couch with Buster snuggled at my side to do some embroidery or beading work.

9:30pm Time to go to bed but first some scrolling on Pinterest and Instagram or trailing the internet. Then I always read until I fall asleep.


A snap from Liz’s studio

What about your weekend Routine?

7:00am    Wake up, my husband and I will take Buster out for a walk to the park or beach for a big run around. Then we’ll grab a coffee and some breakfast at a cafe

10:00am Back home to tidy up the week’s worth of wool, thread and beads that I’ve managed to scatter over every surface of the house through the week. Which inevitably leads to me getting way too distracted and rearranging the place! My husband and I are also trying to renovate our house so that’s a big job!

2:00pm Walk up the street to grab some lunch with my husband – we live really close to heaps of restaurants, cafes and pubs – so there’s always somewhere to go. We’ll stop off for a few beers, look into some shops and pick up some art supplies while there.

6:00 – 10:00pm Back home to relax, have some cuddles with Buster and watch a movie while I work on some embroidery

Secret tip for Etsy success?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and create work that you love. I also think it’s important to work extremely hard at it – you need to be really immersed in what you do and love doing it.


Liz and Buster ready to tackle the day!


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