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A Day In The Life Of: Emma Kidd

Jul 20, 2015

by benconservato

We took some time to hear about a typical day in the life of Emma Kidd – Artist and maker behind Ben Conservato. From the moment she is woken up to dessert after dinner time, Emma tells all about how to manage a creative successful business.

Normal week day routine during school term:

6 – 6:30 AM Wake up or get woken up. bottle of milk administered. Breakfast and any organisation I might not have done the night before (can be either work related or school related).

7:45 AM Family jaunt to have a coffee at our favourite place. 8:15AM: Drive the 10 minutes to school for 8:30 drop off.

Ben Conservato

9:00 – 11:45 AM  Bit of cleaning up and working. Painting normally or planning. Sometimes I do boring things like shopping which is much faster without small person. 12 PM: School pick up. 12:10 PM Almost like clockwork, Beast is asleep in car.

12:15 PM  I eat and do more quiet work like emails or packing up finished pieces. Unless I am really busting to paint more.

Ben Conservato

2:30 – 5:30 PM  Beast wakes, he eats, and the afternoon begins to do whatever he wishes… generally.

6:00 P  Evening starts, I clean up a bit more, small person dinner if it seems like Papa is going to be late, baths and winding down.

7:30 PM  Adult dinner perhaps?

7:45 – 8 PM  Hopefully the Beast is asleep by now.

8:30 PM  Dessert and we watch a bit of TV… which also means I do more work, usually cutting out creatures or putting them together… which I vowed I wouldn’t do every night since my son went to school.

10.00 PM  Possibly asleep.


6.00 – 7.00 AM

Wake up or get woken, as usual. (I do sneaky painting in between things, like covering them with the base coat of ink for example) The only real difference to the weekend is Papa is here and we eat all meals together, generally. I do a little less work, maybe. Because the desk is in the house, I tend to mess around on it all the time.

Ben Conservato

I certainly have days where I get home at 9am and would rather be watching something silly or seeing people. In those cases I pack up creatures from the word go, or cut out creatures.
I’ve found that since my son was born the fact that I couldn’t mess about all day doing work makes you very motivated to get it done in the short bursts of time you have available. When he was about 5 months old every time he fed, I was madly cutting out creatures in an attempt to meet a deadline. So everything changes.

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