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A Day In The Life Of: Akiko & Orrr of bRainbow

Jun 8, 2015

by bRainbow

We took some time to learn from Etsy duo Akiko and Orrr of bRainbow and see what a typical day for the two looked like. The team explain how they utilise the benefits of Etsy to help juggle family, work life and running a successful creative business.

This is what a typical day for bRainbow looks like:

Daily Routine for Orrr: 

8:30 AM  Leave the house to head off to my “day job”.

12:30 PM  Take some time to head to the gym and do some exercise or go if I am feeling a little lazy, I head off to Kinokuniya book shop to check out new design books that might be in store.

bRainbow Etsy

7:00 PM Come home from a hard day’s work and have dinner with the family.

bRainbow Etsy

9:00 PM  Time to design, research, make products, edit photographs, brainstorm and get the creative juices flowing for bRainbow.


Daily Routine for Akiko:

9:30 AM  Time to drop the kids off at daycare.

10:00 AM Take the dog out for a walk in the park and start some sketches for bRainbow.

10:30 AM  Get back home, reply to emails and check Etsy orders  for the day and do a bit of social media and marketing.

11:00 AM  Start making and assembling products for bRainbow.

bRainbow Etsy

2:00 PM  Sit down and do some researching work for new designs and again keep up with social media and marketing for the business.

4:00 PM  Pack and ship any Etsy orders for the day.

5:00 PM  Time to pick the kids up from daycare.

7:00 PM Sit down as a family and eat dinner together.

8:30 PM Kids go to bed (they are good children)

9:00 PM Update product images on Etsy, more research, check Etsy sales, check stock and supply levels of designs, reply to emails, brainstorm brainstorm brainstorm!

12:00 AM Wrap up work and write down a to-do-list to start it all again tomorrow.

bRainbow Etsy

Weekend Routine

We are often busy catching up with orders on the weekend, in particular our custom orders from Etsy. To maximise our time when we work together, Orrr operates the machines such as letterpress and laser cutting on weekend. (He also really enjoys the hands on part of our work) All of our custom requests are for things like wedding invitations, business cards and rubber stamps which is what we do on the weekend.

When we are off, we grab a take away coffee and go to the park with two daughters and our dog in the morning. That’s our favourite way to relax.

We also always stop by Rozelle Vintage Market for an extra bit of inspiration in our weekends. We also love to spend the weekend at home and have craft time with the kids. Orrr loves taking photos with his new camera and the old camera is now Emma’s new gadget to play with – which means we have a lot of family portraits up around the house, we’re hoping that Emma can be bRainbow’s photographer when she is old enough!

Secret Tips to Etsy Success: 

  • Write down a to-do-list each night so you can start your day with a clear direction
  • Get the creative and really important tasks done in the morning when you’re feeling fresh
  • Set a daily goal as motivation, but also don’t let it get to you if you don’t meet that goal
  • Make time for social media and schedule posts, otherwise you can get lost in it and waste a lot of time on different platforms

bRainbow Etsy

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