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A Day In The Life: A Part Of Me APOM

May 18, 2015

by Laura Quattrocelli handmade and vintage goods

Kate and Kajsa are the talented duo behind Etsy store A Part Of Me APOM. The two started their business 3 years ago working from a parent’s garage. Now they are running a multifaceted online and wholesale business plus a retail shop nestled on Carlisle Street, Balaclava.

We stepped into the world of APOM to hear about what a typical day in the life of Kate and Kajsa looks like and to also find out their tips to making their business a success.

Tell us about what a typical day in your life is like?

7:30am Alarm goes off…. wake up!

8:00am Once we are up and at em, we meet at the gym for a Pilates class (as much as we wish we could say this happens every day it does not).

9:30am We meet at the shop, have a coffee,  and our morning meeting talking through what we have on for the day and the rest of the week, and of course have a little giggle. We also take this time to post on social media if there are any great updates we want to share.

10:30am  Reply to emails, pack and send all orders that came through overnight, update stock levels on our Etsy shop.

11:00am Depending on where we are in the season we would either be patternmaking, sewing up some new styles, organising production or designing.

Sometimes we spend a whole day driving around to different fabric wholesalers.

Etsy Success APOM

Etsy Success APOM

1:00pm Lunch time! We are lucky enough to be surrounded by some great little cafés. Some favorites are going across the road for some pho or next door to the famous Glicks for an “everything” bagel!

1:30pm Time to finalise all patterns/ sew up samples and get new designs ready to take to the factory

2:00pm Pack wholesale orders up ready for posting.

3:00pm Drive to the factory to drop off new samples and check on how production is going.

5:30pm Check emails again, write up a post for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

What about your weekend Routine?

Since opening the shop we have had to re-evaluate our working week.

We split up who works the weekend between Kajsa, myself and shop assistant who helps out 2 days a week. Kate is moving into a new apartment so she is spending most weekends hunting for inspiration and old furniture to recover and restore. This is her new hobby.

Kajsa loves sleeping in, but once she’s up and about she has a very active dog and loves getting out of Melbourne and going on little adventures with her husband. She makes trips quite often to the country, buying lots of roadside produce, bringing it back to Melbourne and cooking up a huge feast for us all on a Sunday night.

Etsy Success

Secret Tip to Etsy Success:

Have a plan!
Plan your day, your week, your month, your year and write it down. We do this with everything, designing new collections, sending out orders and with our finances. It helps to stay on track and to make sure we keep up with deadlines, if not, at least you realise and can do something about it. It also feels really nice to tick things off, especially during those really busy periods!

It’s really important for us to stay motivated. After a really busy time we make sure we have a rest and get out of the city for a day or 2.

When running a small business times do get incredibly hectic, so staying organised and taking one thing at a time is the best advice we could give. In the beginning we underestimated how much being organised can help your business to run smoothly.

Etsy Success APOM

Etsy Success APOM


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