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2015 Etsy AU Captains’ Summit

Aug 13, 2015

by Reana McCourt handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Teams are an integral part of the Etsy Community – a place to connect with likeminded people (in person or virtually!) and share experiences, lessons, and questions. Many Teams engage constantly with their members in the team forums, helping them to find success on Etsy. Others organise meet-ups, pop-up shops, markets, workshops and more.

This past weekend we invited over 20 Team Captains and Leaders to Melbourne for our first ever Captains’ Summit. There were representatives from EtsyAdelaide, Sydney Etsy Team, Stay at Home Mums AU & NZ, Canetsy, WA Street Team, Etsy Resolution, DUST, Makers and Designers (MAD), BrisStyle, Wandarrah, Australian Press & PR, Australian Events, and UK’s Brighton Sellers Team.



Karli from Brighton Sellers Team speaks with Captains

Most of the Captains had never met each other, but it was obvious they shared a love for their Teams. The enthusiasm was infectious and everyone bonded over questions about leadership and engagement, not to mention a lot of food and laughs.

“I’ve never been more grateful to be part of this whole thing than I am after this weekend… It was so good to walk into the room and find it full of ‘my kind of people’ from the outset!” – Kate, WA Street Team






There was brainstorming, group discussions, workshops and fun!  Everyone openly shared their Team’s experiences, challenges, and achievements.

“It was inspiring and exciting to learn that so much of Etsy is women supporting other women and this has been, I think, so fundamental in enhancing that sense of community. It was so wonderful to hear about the successes people have had with events, what worked, what didn’t.” – Cath, Stay at Home Mums AU & NZ


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 12.16.10 pm

For more behind the scenes check out #EtsySummitAU on Instagram and Twitter

“I absolutely loved being in a room full of people who say “yes, let’s do it!” It feels like we could achieve anything with such motivation. However, the greatest power seemed to be in the willingness to reflect and grow. As a newbie captain, I gained tremendous insight into the machinations of teams and what is required from me.” Georgiana, Etsy Resolution





There was also a few special guests, including the vibrant Karli who shared her story of reinvigorating the Brighton Sellers Team and Cyan Ta’eed from Envato who spoke about leadership.

“I am inspired by Karli’s enthusiasm, energy and achievements. She’s now permanently on my list of heroes and people to aspire to!” – Colin, EtsyAdelaide


Karli Dendy (Brighton Etsy Team), Helen Souness (Etsy), and Cyan Ta’eed (Envato) share a discussion on leadership with the Captains

Our aim was to thank, listen to, and support Captains (as well as let them in on a few upcoming projects!). It was a valuable weekend for everyone involved and we learnt so much from this group of experienced, engaged and enthusiastic Captains. Thank you to everyone involved and we’re so excited for everything that unfolds!


Etsy Captains, Leaders, and admins at the 2015 Australian Captains’ Summit

Are you in a Team? Use the search function to find your folk or contact any of the wonderful Teams that participated in the Summit.


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  • FashionStella

    Carmela from FashionStella2 said 4 years ago

    Thanks Davina and Kate for representing WA!!

  • ColourscapePrints

    Kelly and Kelly from ColourscapeStudios said 4 years ago

    What a fabulous weekend! Thanks again for everything, I am so excited for the big things coming our way in the next few months :D

  • mybeardedpigeon

    Cath Young from mybeardedpigeon said 4 years ago

    big love to you all Etsy Admin Australia. xxxxxxxx

  • artnomadix

    Megg from ArtNomadix said 4 years ago

    Thanks to our hard working team leaders Melanie, Maddo, and now Starry, not forgetting both JulieAnn and Nerys (both dec) and to the fine team members like Deborah, Jess, and many others who not only established awesome etsy businesses, passed their skills and tips along to the rest of the team, ...... I am still a member of Etsy, despite so few sales, BECAUSE of the online friendships, established with these awesome women. Thanks Mel ! You just never stop <3

  • CrimsonCircleStudios

    Stella from CrimsonCircleStudios said 4 years ago

    So great to meet a bunch of extraordinary people I never knew before. A very inspiring weekend, great to be a part of all this xx

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