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15 Quirky Ways To say I Love You

Jan 29, 2016

by sarrowsmith handmade and vintage goods

On Valentine’s Day we celebrate all kinds of love – the perfectly weird, the cheeky, the plain cheesy, the funny and the adventurous. It’s a special bond that connects us to home and reminds us how wonderful it is to be alive. As romantic films like ‘Love Actually’ have taught us, there are lots of times where we need to say I love you – but whether it’s Christmas, Birthdays or Valentine’s day, the important thing to know is that ‘Love actually is all around’ and that the time to say it, is always.

So let them know they’re the pea to your pod or the peanut butter to your jelly. From a serenading cheese board, romantic socks and personalised decor to warm your home – check out the collection of unique gifts to express your quirky kind of love and make them feel super special all year round!

This custom hand drawn portrait flag banner is the perfect way to mix up the usual hanging photo frames and brighten up a special space with your favourite characters, your family.

Here’s a selection of cards to tell them how you really feel with grand adventures and famous food pairs. No matter how you celebrate the good times, there’s something pho’ everyone!

For every cat lover’s dream (we all have at least one), check out this super cute hand painted pot plant holder with rosy cheeks and little legs sticking out!

Is your special someone the outdoors-ey and camping type? This beautifully hand illustrated print features all the simple and wonderful things we love about exploring into the wilderness with just our binoculars in hand and our backpack on!

Whether you’re the big one or the little one, everyone loves a good spoon. So let them know just how much and say it in a spoonful!

Treat yo selves to some hand embroidered hoop art when you’re saying yes to staying in more and having a perfectly great time doing nothing together. Oh, that’s love.

Let them know how much you love them with their favourite OK emoji. Perfect addition of quirk for any outfit and decision-making needed throughout the day. It’ll let everyone know when they’re rather impressed.

What are your favourite words, lyrics or poems as partners in crime? These beautiful rustic signs are made from reclaimed wood and can be laser engraved with your own personal message!

Do they row your boat? Let them know just how much with this super cute notebook featuring the sweetest stick couple and the boat scene from The Notebook (Oh, you know the one!)

For ya’ll cheesy lovers, this may just be exactly what you’re looking for. This cheese board features a laser engraved Lionel Richie in all his moustached glory and made from eco-friendly sustainable bamboo!

Keep your favourite paws warm with these super cute cotton socks. With an emphasis on ‘weirdo’, you know they’ll feel the love.

Send your loved ones special messages throughout the week. These unique cards feature hand printed mountains, rocks and moons and are great for hiding notes in lunch boxes! It’s also perfect for displaying on your bookshelf or adding to the pin board!

Is your other half a photographer or artist that likes to document the special finds and holiday spots from grand adventures? Store these beautiful memories in light boxes made from reclaimed timber!

This happy cactus will make anyone and everyone smile – especially a succulent lover or gardener! The sculpture has been handpainted and made from stoneware clay. It makes a perfect addition to a desk or quiet space in need of some love and good vibes.

Celebrate the home you’ve built together (or future home) and create a miniature version of your house! This wooden plaque is hand-painted and is custom designed using your house portrait. A wonderful keepsake for years to come.

Now that you’re inspired with some super cute gift ideas, bet you’re excited to give a whole lotta love – all day, everyday! 

It’s the weird and wonderful things that make your person and happy place, extraordinary – and just like Jenny and Forrest, the simple fact may be, ‘We goes together like peas and carrots.’

So make sure to take the time to let that special someone know just how special they are with gifts that embrace their sweet spooning skills and decorates their window sill with one happy cactus at a time.

Happy lovin’ everybody!


  • sqsquirrel

    Square Squirrel Studio from SquareSquirrelStudio said 4 years ago

    Don't forget that alongside "the perfectly weird, the cheeky, the plain cheesy, the funny and the adventurous" there is still room for the more traditional yet personalised. Like a simple, but classic, monogram.

  • milkandcookies

    Tali from milkandcookies said 4 years ago

    cute finds! <3

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